Microsoft Designing Landfill-Fueled, Off-Grid Data Center : TreeHugger

Fuel cells run by biogas at the source is being tested at Microsoft and Apple.  This source of power for a data center is a very creative approach to accessing sustainable and clean power for a data centers.  There are other approaches being explored like hydroelectric and solar generation for data center clean power.  Microsoft Designing Landfill-Fueled, Off-Grid Data Center : TreeHugger.

Supercomputing power now delivered from the cloud | SmartPlanet


How significant is this step?  Cloud based supercomputing means significant speed and data processing advancements unrestrained by location.  It also can mean linking supercomputing resources via cloud infrastructure to move supercomputing capability to the next generation.  Supercomputing power now delivered from the cloud | SmartPlanet.

CleanTech in the Built Environment


 London Data Center Staff to Avoid Olympic Traffic by Sleeping in Pods Next to Servers

The Built Environment, whether it is commercial property or residential,  is leveraging and testing several CleanTech designs to address building systems and building systems challenges.  Clean Data Centers, office space and supporting technologies are starting to seriously integrate CleanTech to realize the core values of a generic tool set:  provide leverage, makes tasks easier and more efficient.  The pod idea above is pretty interesting and can save a lot in time and logistics for both employee and employer if done well (sleeping in a data center can be a little like sleeping in a space ship engine room).  Commercial buildings using Zero Carbon IDeAs Design is a big step forward, Data Center Storage, electronics recycling projects, and other projects show that converging CleanTech solutions are becoming closer to mainstream utility.